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Advisory, training and executive development for the world's leading professional services firms.
The Openside Group

Aligning Professional Development with Strategy

We design and deliver development programmes for leading professional services firms worldwide. We can help you improve delivery to your clients and the way you manage, build and lead your firm.

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To help you better understand what we do for our clients and to help you decide if Openside is right for you, view our recent engagements, our latest thinking and a checklist of questions for you to see if we are a good match.

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The best measure of our performance is your performance. Read our client stories to find out about the impact we’ve had on their professional services firms.

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Our Story

We have a decades-long heritage and our people have deep roots in the professional services sector. We have worked with many of the world’s leading firms.

Our Heritage Our People Our Commitments
Unilever - Working with Openside
Deloitte - Working with Openside
IBM - Working with Openside
BearingPoint - Working with Openside
Nestle - Working with Openside
EY - Working with Openside
Impower - Working with Openside
OEE - Working with Openside
Cognizant - Working with Openside
Bip - Working with Openside
Dupont - Working with Openside
MCA - Working with Openside
Orange - Working with Openside
Barclays - Working with Openside
Kelly Services - Working with Openside
MAERSK - Working with Openside
Hartwall - Working with Openside
Availability Services - Working with Openside
Clifford Chance - Working with Openside
GGI - Working with Openside
Bakertilly - Working with Openside
Menzies - Working with Openside
Gide - Working with Openside
MSI - Working with Openside
PKF - Working with Openside
Ward Howell - Working with Openside
Allinial - Working with Openside
MW - Working with Openside
Alliott - Working with Openside
Howard Kennedy - Working with Openside

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Our Thinking

We bring original, open, practical thinking to a sector that too often prefers tradition and the status quo. Discover our latest ‘Points of View’ articles:

July 2019 Why your organisation is not ready to train and develop your sales force Embrace a new approach to maximise the impact of your sales training
June 2019 The Pelorus – June 2019 A selection of handpicked content and research by leading authorities to expand your horizons, to provide fresh insight and to challenge the way you think, act and work.
June 2019 Learning from a terrible DJ about the perils of the predetermined solution How consultants and advisors can offer solutions to their clients without making them feel inferior, forced into a box and just the same as everyone else.
May 2019 The Pelorus – May 2019 A selection of handpicked content and research by leading authorities to expand your horizons, to provide fresh insight and to challenge the way you think, act and work.
May 2019 What buyers of professional services are really looking for Senior buyers reveal the hidden and previously unspoken factors that motivate their final purchasing decision
April 2019 The Pelorus – April 2019 A selection of handpicked content and research by leading authorities to expand your horizons, to provide fresh insight and to challenge the way you think, act and work.
April 2019 The billable hour kills your firm’s values – what are the alternatives? Metrics have a critical influence on behaviour. So what gets measured, matters.
March 2019 The Pelorus – March 2019 This month's selection of handpicked content by leading authorities to expand your horizons, provide you with fresh insight and challenge the way you think, the way you act and the way you work.
February 2019 Tales of the Unexpected: Rethinking Differentiation The significant impact of being 'deliberately different' on your brand and reputation - with illustrative case studies
January 2019 Beyond the Cusp of Disruption in Consulting Three key industry trends confronting consulting and professional services firms in 2019 and some possible responses
December 2018 Posters from IBM’s ‘Quest for Quality’ Exhibition, 1985 Openside's Advent Calendar 2018
November 2018 Proposals: How to make them a point of difference, not a point of reference Four changes you should make to your written proposals now - or else don't respond
October 2018 The Professional Services Procurement Conundrum Why you should view your clients' procurement function as a potential advocate, not an adversary
September 2018 Reverence or Regicide? Why ‘Client First’ should not mean ‘Client is King’ in professional services
August 2018 The Paradox of the Poisonous Performer What to do if a top performer creates a toxic team
July 2018 How organisations can overcome big data’s two biggest obstacles Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?
June 2018 Cognitive and Behavioural Skills Development – is eLearning the answer?
May 2018 What do award-winning consulting firms do better than the rest? Openside quoted in The Times - 24th May 2018
April 2018 Time’s up for the billable hour: Focusing on value is now the only option Technology and competition mean the billable hour is on borrowed time. But can value-based pricing work in practice?
March 2018 How creative agencies can take on consulting firms at their own game – and win The key skills and behaviours agencies must develop to enter the world of strategic consulting