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We design and deliver intensive, face to face, interactive programmes that develop the critical skills and behaviours required in professional services.

Throughout their careers, those working in professional services are expected to assume certain core functions on behalf of their firms. How they undertake these will depend on the stage of their career and their firm’s desired strategic position.

We group these core professional services functions under four headings: Consult, Manage, Build, Lead.

If your people are to excel in each of these core functions they need to learn, develop and refine a specific set of skills and behaviours. We help them to do that.

Below we identify some of the core skills, behaviours and competencies we develop for our clients, organised by core professional services function.

Contact us to find out how we can develop the skills and behaviours to fit your firm’s unique context and desired strategic position.


The core skills and behaviours consultants and professional advisors need on top of their technical knowledge.

Core skills, competencies and behaviours we develop for consultants and advisors might include:

  • Structured analytical thinking – the core consulting process
  • Logic development
  • Storytelling
  • Presentation skills


Skills and behaviours that help your people manage client engagements, and become effective team leaders and credible ambassadors for your firm.

Core skills, competencies and behaviours we develop for managers might include:

  • Engagement leadership
  • Conflict management
  • Effective communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Performance management
  • Negotiation
  • Expanding client opportunities


Skills and behaviours that develop a stream of business (with new or existing clients) to build your firm in the unique context of professional services.

Core business development skills, competencies and behaviours we develop might include:

  • Adopting a consultative approach to business development
  • Forming and offering a point of view
  • Illustrating the firm’s values through behaviours
  • Managing critical conversations
  • Understanding client value and articulating a 4E value proposition
  • Producing compelling proposals


The critical areas of leadership behaviour that successful Partners and Senior Leaders exhibit – exemplifying the brand, embodying the culture and ensuring your firm’s legacy and heritage.

Core skills, competencies and behaviours we develop for professional services leadership teams might include:

  • Exemplifying the brand – status, impact, credibility and reputation
  • Embodying the culture – modelling the firm’s values through behaviours
  • Ensuring the legacy – coaching and mentoring skills
  • Emotional intelligence

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