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How We Work

We are not a “training” firm

Too often, “training” is a standalone, off-the-shelf, tick box solution delivered by trainers who are parachuted in, work from a manual to deliver a fixed programme – often based on a standard process or mnemonic – and have no clear idea of the context you operate in. The result is that learning is rarely shared, exemplified or even used after the learning event.

The Openside Approach is different

  • We ensure your professional development is directly aligned with your firm’s strategic objectives.
  • We invest significant time understanding your current context, firm-wide strengths and weaknesses and the strategic position you want to reach.
  • We don’t force you into our programmes. Our content is designed and delivered to fit your context.
  • We believe that intensive and interactive classroom-based programmes are the best way to develop the behavioural skills required in professional services.

We’ll work with your best and brightest, and meet them at their level

  • Our tutors all have senior backgrounds in professional services. They are not ‘script readers’ but have the calibre and experience to include live opportunities and live cases into most programmes.
  • Our deep knowledge and experience within professional services ensures we can help you make the strategic case for your professional development plan.
  • We know that post-programme feedback is important — but ensuring measurable and demonstrable value well after the programme has ended is more important.

The Openside Approach

The Openside O

Stage One: Context

The Openside Approach ensures that the skills and behaviours you choose to develop are directly linked to your unique context, your desired strategic position and consider your current firm-wide strengths and weaknesses.

Fundamentally, our diagnostic approach enables you to make a strategic case to your firm’s senior leadership team for learning and development that goes well beyond simply offering a training needs analysis or static competency framework. It also ensures that training isn’t delivered in isolation.

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Understand desired strategic position and context

Define critical skills and behaviours

Firm-wide Development Plan

Stage Two: Content

Once we have defined the context for development, the next stage of The Openside Approach is to design and deliver the content of your programme – the diagnosis plan is put into action.

Many training firms claim their programmes are bespoke. What is truly bespoke is your context. Crucially, we don’t force you into our programmes, our content is designed and delivered to fit your context.

After the programme, we will help you to ensure that the learning is used, shared and exemplified well beyond the learning event.

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Strategic case for Development Plan

Programmes designed and delivered

Ensuring the learning sticks

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Is Openside right for you?

Finding the right development partner for your firm isn't easy. So we've put together a checklist of questions for you to see if Openside is a good match.

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