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Coached Application

A development programme is only successful if it changes your team’s behaviour over the long term. In fact, we use the word ‘development’ rather than ‘training’ because change is a process that happens over a period of time.

Most training is useless because it’s designed to tick a box. It rarely leads to lasting change in your business. More often than not, you leave the training room and go back to working how you’ve always worked.

We design our whole approach to make a lasting change to your business. Coached application is a key part of that – it specifically targets the challenge of making new thinking stick. After we’ve completed the initial phases of a development programme, we’ll work alongside your people, showing them how to turn theory into practice, overcoming their scepticism and offering advice on applying their new skills to the daily work of your firm.

We can make coached application a key part of our offering because of the calibre of our team. All our tutors have long experience at senior levels in professional services. That means they will grasp your firm’s context quickly, and can adapt the theoretical frameworks of the development programme we design for you to make it immediately applicable to the projects and opportunities you have in progress.

Coached application can include working alongside your team during delivery, supporting live opportunities from new clients, close support with meetings, critical conversations, presentations and more.

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