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Stage Two: Content

Once the context for development has been defined, we design and deliver the content of your programme – the diagnosis plan is put into action.

Strategic case for Development Plan

We understand, particularly in professional services, the difficulty of making a case for training to senior decision makers and there’s regularly talk about HR operating strategically rather than simply being operational functionaries.

The diagnostic approach provides the evidence to facilitate the strategic conversations you need to have with the firm’s leaders and the collateral to argue the strategic case for development.

We are happy to have the difficult conversations around the culture, systems and processes that might inhibit or accelerate the adoption of the behaviours and skills outlined in the development plan. We can facilitate conversations around professional services context and strategy that “training” firms can’t.

Programmes designed and delivered

Crucially, we don’t force you into our programmes, our content is designed and delivered to fit your context.

Many training firms claim their programmes are bespoke. What is truly bespoke is your context. In truth, the theory and subject matter we cover is like others. What makes our programmes different is our ability to adapt our programmes to your unique context and desired strategic positioning.

Our tutors are not ‘script readers’ and can therefore adapt most programmes to include live cases and live opportunities that participants might be working on at the time of the programme. This ‘live case’ support means that the learning will have immediate, applicable impact.

We believe that intensive and interactive classroom based programmes are the best way to develop the critical behavioural skills required in professional services.

While technology might shortcut the learning process and is well suited for ‘technical’ skills training, we are yet to be convinced it can lead to sustainable performance improvement in professional skills and behaviours.

Our classroom based programmes are delivered at your chosen location and typically consist of a mixture of role plays, group exercises, team working, case studies, live opportunity modelling and individual coaching.

Ensuring the learning sticks

Most training is still useless because learning is rarely shared, exemplified or used beyond the learning event.

Ensuring the learning sticks is a key objective for us. We will strive to achieve this ambition by providing coached application and live opportunity/case support to your participants in the weeks and months following the programme.

We also know that getting return on investment after a programme is key and you need to see measurable results and improvement. Fundamentally you want to see that the skills and behaviours we develop really do enable your firm to achieve its desired strategic position in the market.

Know that our success is determined by your success. We are committed to delivering measurable and demonstrable value to your firm and clients well beyond the immediate post-programme feedback forms (or ‘happy sheets’) and we will always discuss your own performance-based metrics before any programme.

We will also send ongoing thought-leadership to every participant and follow up on commitments and action points drawn up on the programme to ensure behaviours continue to be shared and demonstrated firm wide.

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