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Aligning professional development with culture and strategy

Your firm’s professional development strategy must be aligned with your culture and your strategic objectives. Only then can behavioural change be effective and sustained.

Openside’s diagnostic process helps you achieve this ambition. Through our advisory service – The Openside Approach – we will ensure that the skills and behaviours you choose to develop are directly linked to your desired strategic position, embody and reinforce your culture, are driven by your firm’s values and consider your current firm-wide strengths and weaknesses.

The Openside Approach

The Openside O

Stage One: Context

We will begin by working with you to understand your firm’s context: its situation, goals and objectives.

Through a series of discussions and interviews we will jointly define your desired culture, clarify your desired strategic position and discuss the behaviours, skills and processes we would expect to see that embody and reinforce these cultural and strategic ambitions.

Your desired strategic position and culture will define the specific skills and behaviours you need to develop through your professional development strategy and ‘how’ they should be learned and embodied throughout your firm and with clients.

Fundamentally, our diagnostic approach enables you to make a strategic case to your firm’s senior leadership that goes well beyond simply offering a training needs analysis or static competency framework. It also ensures that training isn’t delivered in isolation.

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Understand desired strategic position and culture

Define critical skills and behaviours

Firm-wide Development Plan

Stage Two: Content

Once we have defined the context for development, the next stage of The Openside Approach is to design and deliver the content of your programme – the diagnosis plan is put into action.

Many training firms claim their programmes are bespoke. What is truly bespoke is your context. Crucially, we don’t force you into our programmes, our content is designed and delivered to fit your context.

After the programme, we will help you to ensure that the learning is used, shared and exemplified well beyond the learning event.

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Strategic case for Development Plan

Programmes designed and delivered

Ensuring the learning sticks

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